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Welcome to CARNAGE OFF ROAD! We are a local truck and SUV repair facility that provides quality repair and maintenance to all 2 and 4-wheel drive truck’s and SUV’s in Placerville and all of the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing honest work at reasonable prices.

Carnage Off Road originally started in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Frisco, Colorado. The venture began in 1999 as Frisco Tire & Service, a fully operating, AAA Approved automotive repair shop. Carnage Off Road became a side business where I, Jacent Pillow, could have fun fabricating and building our clients off-road rigs. Being originally from Placerville, I moved back to El Dorado County and have opened Carnage Off Road as a general auto repair shop of 2 & 4-wheel drive vehicles and SUV’s.

With over 12 years as a professional automotive technician and 20 years of wheelin’ experience all over the country from the Rubicon to Moab to St George UT, I am here to service all of your 4-wheel drive maintenance needs. We are California Bereau of Automotive Repair certified. I have a Master ASE certification as well as advanced ASE L1 engine performance certifications and C1 consultant certifications. Make sure you ask any 4×4 shop or repair facility if they are before you do business with them! 4-wheelin’ and servicing rigs is my passion and I enjoy every aspect of it. Whether you’re looking for a 4-link set-up on your Jeep or have a check engine light on your Suburban, I can help you and at a reasonable rate!

4x4 News & Videos

Murder is illegal but people still do it!

So, I bet you’re wondering where this is going? Probably not, but I’m going to lay it out right now! Murder, stabbing people, running over people, blowing up people, doing drugs, shooting people are already illegal. BUT!!! People still do it all on a regular basis (well maybe not running over people). My point being is it’s illegal for felons to carry or have a gun but they do – which is illegal. They don’t care about laws as it is – that’s why they’re felons! THEY ARE CRIMINAL IDIOTS! So why would more bull shit laws keep them from having a gun of any kind, it just takes away protection from good people. Yeah, a criminal won’t get a high capacity magazine or a non bullet button weapon and use it in California because it’s illegal. Meanwhile I have to have a low capacity magazine and a pain in the ass way to change it because it makes people feel better. Don’t get me started about people and their feelings! Taking away from people who care about laws and not going to prison to try and keep guns out of criminals hands is like taking candy from a good kid and a bad kid putting it in a bowl. Then telling the children if they take any candy from the bowl they will be in big trouble, ultimately punishing them both when some of the candy is gone. Who do you think is more than likely going to take the candy from the bowl? Why do the cities with the highest crime rates have the most restrictive gun laws? Because criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why. Criminals will get guns and know that good people can’t protect themselves. Oh you should call the Police they say. Right.  So “wait mister criminal you can’t steal, rape or pillage anything now because it’s illegal and I have to call the cops” (if I can get to a phone) so they can get here it half an hour! Oh yeah that makes sense to me. When bad people don’t know who’s armed and who isn’t they are less likely to mess with people. Why do politicians have armed guards? So they are protected of course. They are so high, mighty and smarter than you that they  can choose to be with armed guards (that we pay for) but think you’re not worthy to protect yourself, your family and others. So, this is why we are starting a new promotion. All CCW, current and post military, first responders, and current search and rescue are getting 10% off of their whole repair order (up to a $150 discount) and we are giving 10% (up to $50 to charity) of the parts portion to a hand picked charity of the month. We are showing our support for all who are protecting all of us and who are red blooded and are willing to protect themselves. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Obama, Reed, Pilousy, Feinstein and Newsom!

WTF is the deal with light bars?

Okay, so I’ve been wheelin for, oh about 23 years now give or take and got my first car (1968 Chevelle with a 327)at age 12. I’ve seen some things come and go that were okay and some things that were just stupid. The newest one I really have an issue with is light bars. WTF do you need a light bar on a stock Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota ETC truck for? Or even a Jeep for that matter? Really, are you rallying in the desert at all hours of the night? Are you wheelin the Rubicon and need to scare everybody off the trail so you don’t run into them? Obviously not because you have a STOCK TRUCK! Let me guess you’re scared of the dark! I bet your ball joints and tie rods need to be replaced and your oil change is 5000 miles overdue but man do you look cool! I wheel with stock headlights and am able to kick most trails asses but hey do what you like. Just know that you look like a dork!

Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015